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Calculate your chances to get UK Global Talent visa and get feedback on your case from our experts.
We help professionals from Tech Industry to move to the UK by applying for a Global Talent Visa, the most beneficial UK visa, allowing to work, build a startup, or study in the UK without limits or special requirements. Also, this is one of the easiest and fastest paths toward permanent residency and British citizenship.

UK needs foreign tech talent like you!

The UK is home to many hyper-growth tech companies and startups, which collectively raise over $50bn in venture capital funding by the end of 2022, second only to the US.

Now, the UK requires over five million tech professionals to fill in all the jobs in tech sector.

As the demand for tech professionals is rapidly growing, in February 2020, the UK government launched a special Global Talent Program that provides generous benefits to attract tech talent to the UK.

The UK has the ambition to remain a global tech superpower competing against US and China for capital and, most importantly, talent. So the UK government creates attractive incentives to attract suitable professionals.
Start-ups and scale-ups in the UK tech sector will raise over US$50 billion in venture capital investment by the end of 2022, second only to the US.
5 mln
UK's tech sector needs over five million highly skilled tech professionals, the heart and soul of tech companies, to further fuel its tech sector's growth.

What we do?

Combining our expertise in legal and tech, we help IT professionals to get the Tech Nation Endorsement and apply for a Global Talent Visa.
We understand tech
We understand IT business, not like any immigration consultant. We know how to find nuggets of gold in your background and present them effectively to endorsement committee.
We understand UK immigration law
We understand how Global Talent program fits overall UK immigration law and will help to construct the optimal immigration path for you and your family.

How it works?

Fill in our simple form, tell us about yourself, and ask any questions about the Global Talent Visa you may already have.
We will meet for a video call to tell you more about the Global Talent program and our approach. Also, we will discuss your profile, provide recommendations, and suggest a roadmap for cooperation.
Our experienced case team, led by a dedicated project manager, will work with you to position your story in the best possible way and prepare all the documents. Even more than that, we will work with you to further strengthen your profile within the next several weeks!

Why us

We help business professionals, tech professionals, and entrepreneurs from Tech Industry to obtain an endorsement from the Tech Nation and to apply for a Global Talent Visa, allowing you to live and work in the UK. It will also allow you to get a residence permit (ILR) or British citizenship.
We have narrow focus
Our entire focus is a Tech section of the UK Global Talent program. Such specialisation drives efficiency and above-average success rates for our clients.
We offer executive-level personalised approach
We not only bring the know-how and project-manage the process, but also do as much as practically possible for you, alleviating burden, reducing stress, and saving your time.
We know how to position your profile
The same set of evidence can be presented in many different ways. We will assemble a compelling story and position your profile in such a way that will maximise your chances for Endorsement.
We know common pitfalls and important nuances
We know where to look and what to avoid. Our proven methodology helps us find, extract, and refine exciting details about our clients' careers. We know what the committee is looking for and will give it to them.
We know how to build a convincing story
We know how to connect seemingly unrelated details into a compelling story of challenge, transformation, and success. We also show personal and professional traits in a way that hints at the future success trajectory.
We know how to additionally strengthen your profile
Often, we see opportunities to additionally strengthen client's case. We not only recommend certain actions but also help organise and implement them while working on the rest of your application.
Client success rate
Satisfied clients
Years of experience
(since the program
started in Feb 2020)

Success stories

Alex M.
Senior Software Engineer
Kosmo made it super easy to apply for the Global Talent Visa! After the initial discovery call, I already knew that I have partnered with the right people to work on my application. The team organised and drove the whole process, I just gave my inputs, often in a very random, disorganised way (sorry guys). But they turned it into powerfully written documents. Well done! Definitely recommend the team to anyone who considers applying for a Global Talent.
Anna P.
Chief Product Officer
I initially tried to work on my application on my own and it was a nightmare. Then I discovered Kosmo, and these guys delivered! They were extremely helpful in guiding me through the whole process, answered all my questions and concerns, and turned my ramblings into powerful application documents. I only wish I started with them from the  beginning – this would save me a ton of time! The application process is not easy and it's nice to have someone with experience on your side when applying.
Gregory S.
Startup Co-founder
Excellent service. Great professional team. Quickly understood my profile and dug deep to extract additional details on both the technical and business sides. It was a  pleasure working with a team that actually understands the world of IT. They convinced me that certain boring details were important and must be included in the application – something that I would have not done on my own and probably would have got rejected! But Team Kosmo did a truly cosmic job with polishing my application and I got approved! See you somewhere in London :)
Pavel B.
Senior ML Engineer
I have strong academic background and some initial experience working in R&D department of a large international consumer electronics brand. I was worried that despite some innovation track record I might have not enough business impact and not enough recognition. So, initially I reached our to Kosmo for advice on how to better prepare for application over the coming 2-3 years. However, after initial call they concluded that I could be great fit for Promise route and encouraged me to apply now! If I rejected now, nothing stops from applying again in a couple of years. So we decided to apply and I got endorsed. Thank you Kosmo for saving me years!!!
Diana M.
Venture Capital Professional
I am a former investment banked turned venture capital professional. Having worked in several geographies including the UK, I understood that I would like to permanently settle in the UK and the Global Talent Visa was my top priority route. Our first application was rejected and I was determined to start the plan B, however Kosmo team ensured me to wait – they said that this is not the end, and there is good chance to win an appeal. This is exactly what happened! They prepared a massive appeal document and the decision was revised! Thank you Kosmo!

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